December 15 2008 Specials

A Christmas Carol (Enhanced eBook)
from Saddleback Educational Publishing
SDLSP02567I (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
ISBN: 9781599055596
One of the best-loved stories ever written. Scrooge is downright mean and cold-hearted---the stingiest man in all of London. Could anything on earth transform him into a kind and caring human being? Probably not. But the Spirit of Christmas is very powerful---more powerful by far than anything on earth.
This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, and more. We also sell the study guide that accompanies this novel.
Grades: 5 - 12

Celebrating Christmas
from Ready-Ed Publications
RED8006 (Primary, Intermediate, Middle School)
ISBN: 9781863973502
Explores the history and traditions associated with the Christmas season. Teaches that Christmas is a multicultural celebration with traditions borrowed from many parts of the globe. Contains excellent background information and wealth of practical activities.
Grades: 1 - 8

from Compass Point Books
CPB9780756527464 (Primary)
ISBN: 9780756527464
Let's See Library - Holidays Let's celebrate! Take a look at the origins, cultural celebrations, symbolism, and significance of a variety of holidays in these delightful titles.
Grades: 1 - 3

Christmas Thematic Unit
from Teacher Created Resources
TCR0259 (Primary)
ISBN: 9781557342591
Christmas Thematic Unit is based on the following pieces of literature: Night Tree, The Wild Christmas Reindeer, The Polar Express. This reproducible resource is filled with ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities. Also included are management ideas, creative suggestions for the classroom, and a bibliography.
Grades: 1 - 3

Discovering Ecology
from Mark Twain Media
MTM404077EB (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
ISBN: 9781580377195
Develop environmental awareness and profile the different biomes of our planet while focusing on current topics of the day. Topics include: alternative fuels; pollution; acid rain; the greenhouse effect; the ozone layer; and the effect we have on the environment. Includes maps and diagrams, vocabulary words, unit projects, exercises, illustrations, and everything you will need to teach an Ecology unit or supplement your science curriculum. Supports National Science standards.
Grades: 4 - 12

Why Do We Hang Christmas Stockings?
from Gallopade International
GAL21528 (Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate)
The Holiday Readers combine reading and activities in a kid-friendly format. Written at a 2-3 grade level, the clear, readable style easily captures and maintains kids' interest.
Grades: K - 4

from Picture Window Books
PWB9781404808249 (Early Childhood, Primary)
ISBN: 9781404808249
Through the Seasons Drizzling rain. Sizzling sun. Falling leaves. Drifting snow. This stunning tour of seasonal changes across North America will excite and encourage readers to make their own observations about the seasons where they live.
Grades: PK - 1
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