March 30 2009 Specials

April Activities

Our April activity book has been prepared to help teachers of lower elementary grades present good nutrition. Sound nutrition, as well as beneficial health habits such as sufficient rest and adequate exercise are encouraged. Upon completion of this unit, each child should be able to identify the five food groups, and plan simple nutritional meals. The study of different foods also presents children with the opportunity for language experiences in classifying. Also included are holiday stories about April Fool's Day and Easter.
Publisher: Milliken Publishing Product ID: EMP3356 Grade(s): K - 3 Level(s): Primary ISBN: 9781429109000

Easter Fun!

Help children observe the Lenten season through expressive art and craft activities, fun recipes, and an assortment of engaging puzzles. The meaningful activities will delight young believers and prepare their hearts for Resurrection Sunday.
Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing Product ID: CSD204005EB Grade(s): 1 - 3 Level(s): Primary ISBN: 9781604183269

April - I'm Done! What's Next? Activities

This 32 page book contains 16 pages of full color activity cards (4 per page for a total of 64 activities) involving a wide variety of skills and monthly activities. Plus 16 pages of teacher ideas, activity sheets and art patterns.
Publisher: Practice & LearnRight Publications Product ID: PLR1004 Grade(s): K - 5 Level(s): Primary, Intermediate

Happy Easter, Gus!

Read-it! Readers: Gus the Hedgehog Doug Cushman's adorable illustrations of Gus the Hedgehog and his animal friends bring these fun adventures to life. Readers can follow Gus through different holidays, celebrations, and sticky situations!
Publisher: Picture Window Books Product ID: PWB9781404834163 Grade(s): K - 3 Level(s): Primary ISBN: 9781404834163

Vocabulary Toolkit

Vocabulary Toolkit provides a comprehensive vocabulary program that integrates Greek and Latin prefix, root, and suffix instruction with context-clues and spelling practice. Includes vocabulary flashcards, spelling-vocabulary worksheets, direct instruction set up for the overhead projector, LCD projector, Elmo®, or SMART Board™ games, and more. Get an entire year's worth of vocabulary instruction and practice to help improve reading comprehension and writing ability. The comprehensive Teaching Spelling and Vocabulary curriculum, includes the resources in Vocabulary Toolkit, but also integrates a complete, differentiated instruction spelling program from sound-spelling patterns to advanced conventional spelling rules. This teacher resource also provides complete diagnostic assessments, games, spelling rules, syllable transformers, and spelling tests for a full year of quality, differentiated instruction. A great resource for standardized test prep!
Publisher: Pennington Publishing Product ID: PEN0013 Grade(s): 4 - 12 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School, High School ISBN: 9780578017761

Weather Projects for Young Scientists: Experiments and Science Fair Ideas

From the everyday phenomena of wind and clouds to the awesome, destructive power of lightning, tornados, and hurricanes, children can explore weather in detail with this fascinating science activity book. Throughout the text instructions for building weather-measuring tools - barometers, psychrometers, anemometers, wind vanes, rain gauges, and thermometers - allow the reader to assemble them into a working weather station. More than 40 weather projects are included, such as building a model of the water cycle, creating a tornado in a bottle, calculating dew point, and reading a weather map. Most of the experiments also include ideas for expanding them into full-fledged science fair projects. Weather-related environmental issues are also addressed, such as global climate change, ozone depletion, and acid rain, as well as profiles of scientists working in the field of meteorology.
Publisher: Chicago Review Press Product ID: CRP9781556529566 Grade(s): 3 - 6 Level(s): Primary, Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 9781556529566 ISBN (Physical Book): 9781556526299

Coordinate Graphing

Add intrigue to math lessons that cover equations, fractions, percents, geometry, probability, and more! In each of 59 activities, students solve problems to find specific points to plot on graph paper. As they come up with the correct answers, they create pictures ranging from a dragonfly to a gas pump!
Publisher: Teacher Created Resources Product ID: TCR2115 Grade(s): 5 - 8 Level(s): Intermediate, Middle School ISBN: 9781420621150

A Journey into Steinbeck's California

This part art book, part biography, and part travel guide offers insight into how landscapes and townscapes influenced John Steinbeck's creative process and how, in turn, his legacy has influenced modern California. Various types of readers will appreciate the information in this guide - literary pilgrims will learn more about the state featured so prominently in Steinbeck's work, tourists can visit the same buildings that he lived in and wrote about, and historians will appreciate the engrossing perspective on daily life in early 20th-century California. Offering an entirely new perspective on Steinbeck and the people and places that he brought to life in his writing, readers will find delight in this depiction of the symbiotic relationship between an author and his favorite places.
Publisher: Roaring Forties Press Product ID: RFP9780976670629 Grade(s): Staff Level(s): Staff Room ISBN: 9780982341001 ISBN (Physical Book): 9780976670629
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