Specials for June 21 2010

Poetry Patterns & Themes Poetry Patterns & Themes (Enhanced eBook)

Confidently teach your students to write poetry with this step-by-step guide. Poetry Patterns contains all the information, guidance, and reproducible resources you need to teach a variety of poetry forms.

This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, and more.

Publisher: Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Product ID: EMC0733I
Grade(s): 3 - 6
Level(s): Primary, Intermediate, Middle School
ISBN: 9781596735286
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781557997333
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 2)

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa ebook 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Approach the FIFA World Cup South Africa with the Montessori Method. You will not only find teaching materials with the most common football words for reading and writing practice (in American and British English) but also a world map, the continents, the flags, and the names of the participating countries.

Publisher: Miamaus Verlag Publishing
Product ID: MVP18051
Grade(s): 1 - 4
Level(s): Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate

Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Into Writing: The Primary Teacher's Guide to Writing Workshop Into Writing: The Primary Teacher's Guide to Writing Workshop

With Into Writing, teacher and nationally known staff developer Megan Sloan sets out to answer the most commonly asked questions about teaching writing well in the primary grades. From September to June, Sloan's answers break down writing instruction piece by piece so you can make the most of it. She examines the ins and outs of writing workshop and addresses four key principles of practice: differentiating, designing instruction that sticks, sharing experiences with students to model how real writers work, emphasizing writing to support reading.

Publisher: Heinemann Publishing
Product ID: HEN9780325030005
Grade(s): K - 3, Staff
Level(s): Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate
ISBN: 9780325030005
ISBN (Physical Book): 9780325012285
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

Participation Stories Participation Stories

Here is everything you'll need to reach auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners with storytelling a powerful technique for improving language and listening skills while inspiring a love of words and reading! This resource describes 3 different ways (traditional, participation, and prop) to present the stories, which include: traditional tales, folk tales, original tales, tales from other countries, and tales in rhyme. Sidebars on each page connect stories to basic language concepts!

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product ID: CSD804033EB
Grade(s): PK - 1
Level(s): Early Childhood, Primary
ISBN: 9781602688735
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

New Books

Here are a few example of the juvenile fiction series from Orca Book Publishers.

juvenile fiction ebook - Wired Wired

Keegan Bishop, championship skier, is almost injured in a dangerous trap set for one of his teammates. Snowboard tracks leading away from the trap are the only clue as to who might be responsible. Keegan teaches himself to snowboard so he can find the culprit on the snowboarding slopes. When Keegan discovers that someone has been stealing snowboards and skis at Bear Mountain resort, and the girl he's just met is somehow involved, he must face his fears and test his new snowboarding skills in a run for safety.

Sigmund Brouwer is the best-selling author of many books for children and young adults and is an active literacy advocate. Wired is his first book for Orca Book Publishers.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781551436005
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781551436005
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781551434780

juvenile fiction ebook - Watch Me Watch Me

At first Kaz intends to help the old lady who's fallen in the park. But then he starts thinking about how he never gets what he wants. The next thing he knows, he's running away with her purse. The purse contains only five dollars and a battered watch. When Kaz learns who the old woman is and where the watch came from, he begins to understand consequences in a new way. Authored by Norah McClintock.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781554690411
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781554690411
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781554690398

juvenile fiction ebook - The Shade The Shade

Safira doesn't believe in ghosts, but the girl in her cabin at camp was not a living person, so what was she? Her friend Trinity is convinced Safira's seen a ghost and sets out to discover who the ghost girl is. Safira is too busy dealing with her family to help solve the mystery. Safira has never gotten along with her sister, Mya, and now that Mya's pending marriage dominates the family there seems to be no hope for friendship between them. But when Trinity discovers the death of a girl named Myra, Safira starts to wonder if the ghost-girl has an important message about her own sister. Authored by K. L. Denman.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781551439358
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781551439358
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781551439310

juvenile fiction ebook - Swiped Swiped

Would-be detectives Trevor, Nick and Robyn are hot on the trail of a sandwich thief when they learn that more than food has been going missing at school. A valuable hockey book has been stolen from the library and the kids worry that the librarian might lose her job if it isn't found. Who would steal a hockey book? Could it be Robyn's arch-nemesis and hockey enthusiast Cray? Or could it be Ms. Thorson, the Oiler fan teacher? The kids are determined to solve these mysteries even though their sleuthing efforts land them into trouble at every turn.

Award-winning author Michele Martin Bossley has written more than a dozen children's sports books. Michele lives in Calgary Alberta.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781551437552
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781551437552
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781551436463

juvenile fiction ebook - Sudden Impact Sudden Impact

When Kurt is hurt in a soccer game and ends up in the hospital Tina tries to help him, but nobody will tell her what is wrong, and Kurt's parents don't want her around. Tina learns that Kurt needs a donor with a rare blood type, and she finds a match in Kurt's soccer rival Jason. Jason agrees to donate his blood to Kurt, but when Kurt disappears from the hospital, the situation becomes desperate. Then Kurt's rival is in a tragic accident that may change everything.

Lesley Choyce is the author of over forty books for children and young adults including two books in the Orca Soundings series, Refuge Cove and Thunderbowl.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781551435985
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781551435985
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781551434766

juvenile fiction ebook - Spoiled Rotten Spoiled Rotten
Jessica loves her yearly backpacking trip with her father, but this year everything has changed. This year Jessica has to share her vacation with her new stepmother and her spoiled new stepsister, Amy. Jessica tries to salvage her holiday by sneaking off for a day hike alone, but Amy follows. Jessica is certain that Amy will ruin the day. Amy rises to the challenge of the rigorous hike and Jessica learns that Amy is not as spoiled as she thought. When Amy is injured and night falls, Jessica must face the challenge of hiking through bear country in the dark.

Dayle Campbell Gaetz is the author of many books including No Problem, an Orca Soundings novel.

Orca Book Publishers
Product ID: OBP9781551435978
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN: 9781551435978
ISBN (Physical Book): 9781551434742
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