Sight Word Extravaganza


Sight Word Extravaganza! makes reading a spectacular success. This book is organized into 30 sections, each with four sight words to cover 120 key words that are integral for students reading success. Five pages per section See It, Try It Together, Do It and Play It, Read It Comic Strip, and Review It introduce each set of four sight words. Soon students will realize that they are real readers!

Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Product ID: CSD804087EB
Grades: PK - 1
Level(s): (Early Childhood, Primary)
ISBN (Digital Book): 9781602689398
ISBN (Physical Book): None
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)

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Back to School Bulletin Boards - 20 Resources and Ideas for Teachers

The Best of THE MAILBOX Back-to-School (Grades 4-6)
You'll be ready for the most organized, most exciting back-to-school ever when you use the tips, ideas, and ready-to-use reproducibles in this series. Timesaving, teacher-tested ideas from THE MAILBOX magazine make getting ready for a new year easier than ever before.

The Best of THE MAILBOX Bulletin Boards (PreK-K)
You'll be the envy of the school! Choose from the most popular bulletin boards ever published in THE MAILBOX magazine. Included are ideas for creative, eye-catching displays for every month.

The Best of THE MAILBOX Bulletin Boards (Grades 1-3)
You'll be the envy of the school! Choose from the most popular bulletin boards ever published in THE MAILBOX magazine. Included are ideas for creative, eye-catching displays for every month.

The Best of THE MAILBOX Bulletin Boards (Grades 4-6)
You'll be the envy of the school! Choose from the most popular bulletin boards ever published in THE MAILBOX magazine. Included are ideas for creative, eye-catching displays for every month.

Back-to-School Book (PreK-K)
Ideas to help you get ready for the first day, organize your materials, set up your classroom, and create eye-catching bulletin boards. Includes ideas for open house and suggestions for parental involvement.

Back-to-School Book (Grades 1-3)
Includes classroom routines and activities, bulletin board ideas and patterns, tips for open house, ideas for communicating with parents, and more.

Back-to-School Book (Grades 4-6)
Activities to help your students get acquainted, tips for planning and organizing, ideas for open house, suggestions for parental involvement, bulletin boards with patterns, and more.

Creative Classroom Ideas
Both veteran and beginning teachers will appreciate these simple and unique ideas to spice up daily routines! Activities cover motivation, review, management, and parent involvement and are general enough to use any time, with all ages and abilities.

First Days at School
Welcome your students back with the ideas and activities to review learned skills, establish rules and routines and to acquaint them with their school. 38 activities.

Back to School
Be prepared for your eager new students' return in September. Ideas and activities will help to review learned skills, establish rules and routines and promote the school. 46 activities.

Welcome to School
The goal of the bulletin board and the activities included in this book is to provide you with the materials you need to create a friendly and welcoming environment for your students during the first few days or weeks of the new school year.

Complete Welcome Back-to-School Book (PK-K)
The Complete Welcome Back-to-School Book for PK-K helps you create a colorful, inviting classroom and involves children in stimulating activities right from the start, as well as make paperwork and administration easier for you. This book is brimming with creative room decorations and little extras based on six favorite themes: Animals, Healthy Habits, Teddy Bears, Fall, Things That Go and Fairy Tales.

Complete Welcome Back-to-School Book (Gr. 1-3)
Everything you need for a creative, easy-does-it start to the school year! Create a warm, stimulating atmosphere right from the start with room decorations and extras based on seven favorite themes: Fall, Rain, Forest, Sports, Bugs, Outer Space, Sea Creatures and Classic Tales. Includes ready-to-use door adornments, bulletin boards, student work displays, rule charts, job charts, class news displays, get acquainted activities, name tags, desk tags, writing papers, awards, snack ideas, media ideas, clip art and much, much more!

Back to School - FingerTip Lessons
Instant & Ready-to-Go ideas to fill a few minutes or to create an entire lesson.

Back to School - I'm Done! What's Next? Activities
This 32 page book contains 16 pages of full color activity cards (4 per page for a total of 64 activities) involving a wide variety of skills. Plus 16 pages of teacher ideas, activity sheets and art patterns.

Back-to-School Activities
Children of all ages have fun preparing for holidays with creative activities and projects. For use at school, in clubs, and at home.

Back to School
Getting back to school means getting back into the swing of things. This lively learning package is designed to use the newspaper to sharpen and refresh Language, Math/Science and Social Studies skills. Perfect for the fall start of school, January after the holidays or the week after any vacation! This package also is a great way to introduce the newspaper to students as a learning tool.

School in September
Begin the new school year by becoming more acquainted with your students' personalities, work habits and learned skills when implementing the ideas and activities into your September program. 55 activities.

Spanish Bulletin Boards
Each unit in this book introduces a set of thematically-related Spanish vocabulary words and is designed as an interactive learning experience. Students will love participating in the construction of bulletin boards that teach them the Spanish words for months of the year, days of the week, colors, shapes, numbers, foods, and much, much more! Spanish Bulletin Boards adds a creative and interactive dimension to any primary language program.

Back to School Basic Skills File Folder Games
Giggly Games Back to School Basic Skills File Folder Games eBooks contain 5 fun and educational games that teach a variety of basic skills. The games included teach colors, shapes, numbers, missing letters, and counting. Each game includes gameboard pieces, matching pieces, and game labels. Each of the 5 games are available in full-color and black/white. Game assembly instructions are included also. These games are sure to fill your classroom with educational fun.

Complete Classroom Essentials Kit

Complete Classroom Essentials KitSeries - Seven Enhanced eBooks - get this set here.

The eBooks in this kit (if bought separately) would retail for over $115.00!!
From Milliken Publishing and Lorenz Educational Press, this kit features essential classroom materials that encompass language arts and math skills as well as important concepts that should be part of all students' complete education, such as team building, critical thinking and cross-curricular studies. These ready-in-an-instant reproducible activities are perfect as enrichment or remediation exercises that you will use over and over!

The zipped folder that accompanies this kit contains seven enhanced eBooks for Grade 6: Emergency Lesson Plans, Einstein Code, 100 Awesome Ice Breakers, Milliken's Complete Book of Grammar, Milliken's Complete Book of Reading & Writing, Milliken's Complete Book of Math and Milliken's Complete Book of Homework.

The enhanced eBooks in this kit give you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, and more.

Lorenz Educational Press
Product ID: ELE901077I
Grades: Grade 6
Level(s): (Middle School)
ISBN (Digital Book): 9780787706678
ISBN (Physical Book): None
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 2)
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