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Sounder: A Novel-Ties Study Guide (Enhanced eBook)

This Novel-Ties study guide accompanies Sounder, a Newbery Medal winner. This book is about an African-American boy who finds solace in his dog Sounder when his father is arrested for stealing food for his starving family.

This Novel-Ties guide is a teacher/student literature unit organized in chapter-by-chapter format. There are pre-reading activities, vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, writing activities, literary devices, graphic organizers, cross-curricular connections, and post-reading activities. A summary and answer key are provided for the teacher.

The Novel-Ties study guide for Sounder is great for guided reading, differentiated reading, and literature sets.

This enhanced eBook gives you the freedom to copy and paste the content of each page into the format that fits your needs. You can post lessons on your class website, make student copies, extract or rotate pages, and edit the contents of the file.

Publisher: Learning Links/Novel-Ties
Product ID: LGLS0198I
Grade(s): 6 - 9
Level(s): Middle School, High School
ISBN (Physical Book): 9780881221305
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 2)

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