Journey to Jo'burg

Journey to Jo'burg: A Novel-Ties Study Guide Journey to Jo'burg: A Novel-Ties Study Guide

This Novel-Ties study guide accompanies Journey to Jo'burg, the story of Naledi and her brother who go to Johannesburg to find Mma. They learn firsthand about the painful struggle for freedom that is taking place there.

This Novel-Ties guide is a teacher/student literature unit organized in chapter-by-chapter format. There are pre-reading activities, vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, writing activities, literary devices, graphic organizers, cross-curricular connections, and post-reading activities. A summary and answer key are provided for the teacher.

The Novel-Ties study guide for Journey to Jo'burg is great for guided reading, differentiated reading, and literature circles.

Publisher: Learning Links/Novel-Ties
Product ID: LGLS1066
Grade(s): 4 - 7
Level(s): Intermediate
ISBN (Digital Book): 9780767544214
ISBN (Physical Book): 9780767509527
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1
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