15 Percent Off Books From The Teaching and Learning Company

Use the coupon code:  KTL138  between June 16th and June 27th and receive 15% off all products from The Teaching and Learning Company. Just enter and activate the coupon code in your shopping cart and enjoy 15% off every Teaching and Learning product. You can use this code as many times as you'd like, and pass it along to your friends!
About The Teaching and Learning Company: In business for over 15 years, The Teaching and Learning Company has specialized in ready-to-use materials and guides for teachers and parents. Customers can take advantage of over 280 eBooks in both regular and enhanced formats, all of which offer innovative and exciting teaching strategies and methods. This includes their popular Four Square Writing and Math Phonics series, as well as lots of other teacher specific materials about writing notes to send home to parents, rewarding students' achievements, and lots more! All materials are practical, ready-to-use, and a great choice for all teachers.
See all of our ebooks from The Teaching and Learning Company.
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