15 Percent Off Books From Britannica Digital Learning

Use the coupon code:  KBE138  between August 16th and August 26th and receive 15% off all products from Britannica Digital Learning, including Encyclopaedia Britannica and Britannica Educational Publishing. Just enter and activate the coupon code in your shopping cart and enjoy 15% off every Britannica product. You can use this code as many times as you'd like, and pass it along to your friends!

About Britannica Digital Learning:
Britannica Digital Learning has just released hundreds of new, beautifully illustrated non-fiction eBook titles for learners of all ages and reading levels. These eBook titles cover all subjects including math, science, language arts, social studies, biography, and other classroom topics. If you are looking for an easy way to quickly build an eBook collection, Britannica Digital Learning is releasing hundreds of new eBook titles each year, ensuring an expanding selection of reliable, high-quality resources for teachers, students, schools and libraries.

See all the ebooks from Encyclopaedia Britannica here.

See all the ebooks from Britannica Educational Publishing here.
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