My eBook Philosophy

This is a quick introduction to my philosophy on ebooks and education. I will use this a basis for further post and discussions.

eBooks by Kids
eBooks for Kids
Learning from eBooks
Learning by Creating eBooks
Learning to Create eBooks
Learn by Reading
Learn by Writing
Learn by Creating
Learn by Sharing
Learn by Teaching
Writing for an audience greater than one

We can use ebooks to teach just as we use books to teach. We can have the students read them, use them as textbooks, as reference materials, and as worksheets.

However, we can teach with ebooks by allowing students to become authors, by giving them the opportunity and power to create a book that someone else, other than their teacher, might read.

We can use ebooks to help students create resources that are less fleeting, more permanent, and more useful.

eBooks provide the opportunity to publish without the cost and constraints associated with publishing in print. eBooks can be created without concern for the financial limitations of color, pictures, size, or space. An ebook of 10, 100, or 1000 pages cost basically the same to create, store, distribute, and consume.

eBooks can be created in multiple formats with little relative effort to include handhelds, computers, cell phones, and web access. This flexibility can create opportunities for access that would not be possible otherwise. Our challenge is to use these wonderful possibilities in powerful ways.
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