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Moving On With Reading
from Curriculum Concepts
CURUS0148 (Primary)
This resource provides a sequence of lessons that a teacher can use to assist students learn and retain 100 basic sight words that many find difficult to remember. This resource follows on from Getting Started In Reading where the first 20 most basic sight words are covered. Excellent for all young learners but particularly useful for: a) students who have made limited progress in the first year at school; b) students who are non-english speaking; and c) students with a short attention span.
The 100 basic sight words are divided into 10 graded groups and exercises practice and repractice the words in each group. The exercises cover a range of modes and include active learning methods (games etc) to give students frequent exposure to the words so that they begin to recognize these very important words instantly.
Grades: K - 1

Developing Reading Confidence - Book 1
from Curriculum Concepts
CURUS0362 (Primary)
An important part of the role of developing and reinforcing early reading skills is to ensure that students clock up lots of reading mileage - do a lot of reading to practice the skills over and over again just like a sports person. Rhyme is a great way to achieve this with young readers. Developing Reading Confidence - Book 1 is the first in a series of 2 books each with 30 delightful rhymes covering a mix of poem types, topics and interest areas. The rhymes can be used to develop a broader language base and can be used with a theme study or specifically as a supplement to a reading program to give reading practice. For each poem there are clear teacher instruction notes, which give ideas on how the poem can be introduced and extending the skills and language of the children as they read and enjoy.
Grades: K - 1
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