Summer Succes Series for Students announces the Summer Success Series for Students, a 12 week series that will highlight resources to help students keep and sharpen their skills throughout the summer and prepare for a successful next school year. A new set of education ebooks will be covered each week, presenting grade level appropriate material.

Research shows that short, consistent practice and review can greatly enhance a students ability to maintain, and even enhance, their skills over the summer months. With no focused work, most students will lose some of the skills they obtained the previous year during the same months. Guiding students over the summer is one of the best methods parents have of helping them be successful in school.

Education ebooks in PDF formats are convenient and easy to use. A whole summers worth of books can be saved on a USB flash drive and carried virtually anywhere, printing only what is needed, when it is needed. invites anyone concerned about their student's success to investigate the opportunity to give the students the help they deserve. Here are some of the resources that will be highlighted.

Summer Learning Series

Daily Summer Activities Series

Mastering Grade Skills Series

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