18,000 Educational Ebooks Ready for the iPad

With over 18,000 titles ready and waiting, we are anxious for the arrival of the Apple iPad. Utilizing PDF technology, these ebooks will take full advantage of the iPad’s screen size and ability to display graphical as well as textual content. Since the iPad is based on the iPhone OS and will run the same apps, there are a number of applications and methods to move PDF files to the iPad or iPhone.

The list of titles available at KeyBookshop.com covers a wonderful array of topics including core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, literature social studies and language as well as more specialized topics such as computers, technology, arts, crafts, and many others. Teacher resources including activity guides, reproducible worksheets, lesson planning guides, and holiday ideas are also available.
Browse the list of education ebook topics here.

The growing list of publishers includes well know names such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Teacher Created Resources, Weekly Reader Publishing, Evan-Moor Educational Publishing, Milliken, Saddleback Educational Publishing, and Prestwick House. The list is enhanced with smaller publishers who bring expertise in specific topics that may not be covered by larger companies.
The complete list of ebook publishers can be found here.

Keybookshop.com is proud to offer this wonderful collection of educational resources in a convenient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way. Combining this extensive collection of educational ebooks with the flexibility and power of a portable, full color, connected device creates a powerful combination of a resource library that is always at your fingertips. Store and print the material on your computer, take them with you on your iPad, a powerful combination.
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