Why Are Elections Important?
from Weekly Reader Publishing
WRP9780836895131 (Primary, Intermediate)
Voting gives Americans a voice in how the government is run. This book explains why voting is such an important right and answers questions such as "Who can vote?" and "What leaders do we elect?"
Grades: 1 - 4

Presidential Election Process Lapbook (Grades 6-12)
from Knowledge Box Central
KBC600216 (Middle School, High School)
One of the most important events in American government and politics is the election of the president. This event is held every four years and is often compared to a race. We say that someone is running for office and that the presidential race is on. People who are trying to be elected to a particular official job are called candidates. Almost any citizen who wants to be president can announce that they are a candidate. Usually, serious candidates for president are people with a lot of experience in government (e.g., governors of states or members of Congress). Choosing presidential candidates can begin more than two years before the actual election.
Grades: 6 - 12

Voting and Elections
from Compass Point Books
CPB9780756527778 (Primary)
Let's See Library - Our Nation From national symbols to rights and responsibilities, readers will learn about many important elements that shape the United States.
Grades: 1 - 3

Election Day
from Compass Point Books
CPB9780756527501 (Primary)
Let's See Library - Holidays Let's celebrate! Take a look at the origins, cultural celebrations, symbolism, and significance of a variety of holidays in these delightful titles.
Grades: 1 - 3

from Shell Education
SED50355 (Intermediate)

Improve understanding of the election process and enhance history and civics programs by introducing and exploring national, state, and local elections.
  • Expose students to primary sources and promote critical-thinking skills
  • Run a simulated presidential election in the classroom or study specific parts of the process with flexible, self-standing lessons
  • Provide interactive opportunities through discussions, simulations, and extension activities
  • Challenge students at their individual thinking levels using the differentiation ideas provided within the lesson
  • Zip file includes reproducibles and primary sources

Grades: 4 - 8

Spotlight on America: Elections
from Teacher Created Resources
TCR3217 (Intermediate, Middle School)
Enrich reading in the content areas as students discover the history of American elections and democracy. Students enjoy activities that include preparing and giving speeches, working with maps and timelines, and a simulation of Election Day.
Grades: 4 - 8

from Teacher Created Resources
Individual and group activities, art projects, games, and even a classroom election are used to instruct students about our nation's system of selecting its leaders.
Grades: 1 - 3

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