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Here are some great Back to School resources for teachers.
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The Complete Welcome Back-to-School Book
from Teaching and Learning Company
TLC10300 (Early Childhood, Primary, Staff Room)
The first few days of school are exciting for all of us. But as with any new experience, the start of school can also be stressful, especially for preschoolers, kindergartners, their parents and teachers.
Since what happens in the early days and weeks of school sets the tone for all the days and weeks that follow, it's important to make your children feel secure and comfortable in their new environment and to reduce your stress level as well. That's where this book comes in.
Grades: PK - K, Staff

Back to School
from Picture Window Books
PWB9781404833586 (Early Childhood, Primary)
Read-it! Readers These readers will delight children while strengthening their independent reading skills. Read-it! Readers and Read-it! Readers en Espanol are simple and effective ways to get the reading results you want and the quality you need. With the guidance of literacy educators and reading specialists, these series combine the elements for success in reading with entertaining stories children love. Just select the appropriate color level and language for your readers, and watch them start on the amazing road to reading.
Grades: PK - 3

Back to School Puzzlers
from Good Year Books
GYB9781596470330 (Intermediate, Middle School)
Here are all kinds of puzzles and plenty of fun for your students as they return to school and celebrate fall holidays! Many of the 54 illustrated puzzles are word puzzles that stretch students' vocabularies in particular word categories, test their decoding skills, and require recognition of common spelling patterns; others strengthen visual thinking. Includes solutions.
Grades: 4 - 6

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