Famous People Research and Babe Ruth

Ready to Research: Famous People
from Educational Impressions
EDI1382 (Primary)
This series is designed to encourage youngsters to work independently and to teach them the process of research. The books take them step-by-step through the research process: using sources, citing sources, taking notes, organizing data, writing a paper, producing a product that reflects the research, and presenting the product orally. These skills are vital to their future success.
Grades: 1 - 3
Babe Ruth Graphic Biography
from Saddleback Educational Publishing
SDLSA2156 (Intermediate, Middle School, High School)
Fast-paced and easy-to-read, these 32-page graphic biographies teach students about historical figures: those who lead us into new territory, pursued scientific discoveries; battled injustice and prejudice; and more.
Grades: 5 - 12
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